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 Who Is Mike Gallagher?



It is not about me, it is about you!

It just does not matter what credentials I can expound about, it is what can I do for you! My experience, friends, goals, pleasures are all in most likelihood similar to yours. I will provide you with insight and help you with your Real Estate needs like you would want a friend to in a straight forward and easy to understand manner.  

About Mike Gallagher

Ardent gathering of sales statistics, negotiation skills, member of the Honolulu Board of Realtors Ethics Complaints Committee. 


I came to Hawaii in 1969 and graduated Chaminade College with a B.A. in 1973.


Feeding the Pigeons Honolulu Zoo My Wife and Son...a long time ago!



I live in Kailua, Oahu and I have extensive Real Estate knowledge throughout the Islands. I have a monthly Real Estate Article published on Oceanic Cable’s in the Business Section.


I am married to Cheryl, Sales Manager for the Honolulu Cookie Company (Mmmmmm!) and we both have a Son and Daughter In Law serving in the Military. We are both very Happy 1st Time Grand-Parents!


My Son, Daughter In Law, Grand Daughter Upon Arrival Home from Deployment in Afghanistan.

July, 2010



I am a Hospice Hawaii Volunteer, Volunteer for the Elderly Needs at my Church, a Kainalu, Kailua Little League Umpire and I am running for Kailua Neighborhood Board 2011.


With my years of experience I have learned a whole lot which in August of 2011 I finally decided to do it 'my way' by opening up my own Brokerage: Mike Gallagher Real Estate, Inc.





Please contact me if you need help: 808-384-9015


Be sure to check the Percentage Sold At Full Price TRUE FIGURES by Price Range and Brokerage on my pages. This information is a



Also just as valuable are the "Odds of Selling By Price Ranges."




Hawaii Real Estate License 2000

Extensive skills in Statistical Analysis

Marketing and Personality Profiling

Negotiation Management


Professional Membership

National Association of Realtors 2000

Hawaii Association of Realtors 2000

Honolulu Board of Realtors 2000

Secretary -Low Income Housing Manana Apartments

Ethics/Grevence Committee Member-Honolulu Board of Realtors


Real Estate Accomplishments

Leading Edge Award 2004

Leading Edge Award 2005

Brokers License 2006

Top 7% Nation Wide 2005

Top 7% Nations Wide 2006

My Own Brokerage Opened 2011


Real Estate Columnist:

#1 Columnist Oceanic Cable 2006

                                    #1 Columnist Honolulu Advertiser 2007

 Secretary-Board of Directors Low Income Housing-Manana Housing Project 2007


How to Choose the ‘Right’ Realtor

And Brokerage Company

There are approximately 19,000+ Real

Estate Agents of which approximately 1700 are Realtor-Brokers on Oahu.


Work with a Realtor (R)-Broker!

Experienced. Higher Education!

R.A.s’ Do Not Have a Brokers License!


Approximately 90% of these 19,000+ Real Estate Agents sell less than 5 homes a year. That leaves about 10% of all Real Estate Agents doing most of the business!


It is not about ‘years in the business’ for ‘qualifying’ a Realtor, it is about the Number of Transactions! The more Transactions a Realtor has had the more experienced they are! It is that simple!


The Industry Standard in Hawaii for the # of Transactions/Agent is 4.31/yr.

Mike Gallagher’s is 14/Year


Most Important Question of All:

How to Properly Interview?

Define your Goals and Expectations in writing to your prospective Agent and receive confirmation back from them

in writing.


Sellers and Buyers:

           The ‘Right’ Agent will be someone who has the following qualities:

Communication Skills

High # of Transactions

(The avg. is 4.31/year)

% of Sold Price to List Price Avg.


Is the Agent Full Time?

How many Withdrawn/Expired

Listings have they had?

Ask For Their Sales Report!


I hope this helps you choose the right Brokerage and Agent and achieves your Goals & Expectations,


If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email me anytime.


Aloha, Mike Gallagher

Mike Gallagher Realtor-Broker