Who Is Mike Gallagher?


 So Why Should I keep reading this website?

 If you just want to look at pretty pictures and be mislead by powerful, well financed Real Estate entities with agendas not to give you the whole truth then This Site is NOT for You! Just keep reading what you see in the Honolulu Star Advertiser and you can remain blissfully misinformed.


1. There is No Spin here. Just the truth as I and many of my Professional Real Estate contributors see it.

2. You will find proprietary information here that no one else has that can give you especially regarding Kakaako Luxury Condos.

3. My Monthly Real Estate Articles are at the Top of the List of what visitors want to look at while on this site.

4. Every Month you will find reports and stats for ALL Kailua Neighborhoods and Condos.

5.Every Month you will find reports and stats from all major areas around the Island including the North Shore, Mililani, Ewa, etc.