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December 2017

So What Are You To Do?

Honolulu Board of Realtors M.L.S. Rules


 November 2017

A Surprising Turn of Events...For Kailua Single Family Homes

 Above: Oahu Island Sold Price Appreciation Years 2013-2017 Projected


 Who Is Mike Gallagher?


August 2017

Gentrification Impacts

The Future of Kailua Single Family Homes August 18th 2017


June 2017

Imagine My Surprise



May  2017

Mortgage Interest Rates & Our Market

Of Course it is Condos, What U Think?



RN California Groups Sue for More Housing2.pdf

 February 11th. 2017 California Groups sue the State and Cities (Hawaii should be so lucky)



The Future of Hawaii Real Estate October 15th 2016  

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Hong Kong Article

Hawaii Salaries

Singapore vs Hong Kong

Oahu Third Quarter Report September 2016

Hawaii Rents Double Every Ten Years


 Wow, What Is Happening In The Market? June 2016


Mike Gallagher's Hawaii Real Estate News Second Quarter 2016

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 What is in a Graph that is Not to Trust?

 December 2015




 The Honolulu Board of Realtors Needs to Get Real




 My Newest Article April 2015

What our future looks like.




Oahu S.F.H. High End Market Report Third Quarter 2014










 Breaking October 1st on Oceanic Cable/Time Warner but here now!


 Arashi Is The Future Of Oahu's Real Estate Values



"I Like Koolani Two Bedroom Luxury Condos" September 1st. P.D.F. Article



Oahu Real Estate Report July 2014 Video:


Kailua Real Estate Report July 2014 Video:





How to Read the Numbers or What is Really Happening in the Oahu Real Estate Market?


 Accompanying this report above is a video presentation via You Tube. The link for it is within the above report.




So What is Happening in Kakaako Luxury Condo Living?




Not The Best Times for Oahu


Breaks on Oceanic Cable on May 1st. 2014



Are You Still Trying To Buy a Home?







 My Newest Time Warner / Oceanic Cable Article Breaks March 1st. 2014 is here now for my readers:


Hawaii's Real Estate Market 2014 Boom or Bust?






My Newest Time Warner / Oceanic Cable Article Breaks February 1st. 2014 here now my readers:



Oahu End of Year Real Estate Report Year 2013




My Newest Time Warner/ Oceanic Cable Article Breaks September 1st. 2013 here now for my readers:


Summer in Hawaii Real Estate or Game Over

By Mike Gallagher




My Newest Time Warner/Oceanic Cable Article Breaks August 1st. 2013:


So What's Happening with Oahu's High End Market?



If the links within this report do not work:


Oahu H.E. S.F.H. Year 2012 over 2011


Oahu HE Exec Sum ALL June'13.pdf



My Newest Time Warner/Oceanic Cable Article Breaks July 1st. 2013:



Is There Trouble Brewing in Hawaii's Real Estate Market?

July 1st. 2013



My Newest Oceanic Cable Article. Breaks June 1st. 2013

 It's yours to read now!

 "Is it The Age of The Condo?"


 Trying to Understand the Market in 2013

 January 2013 Oceanic Cable Article

Oahu Real Estate Market Predictions for Year 2013




Oceanic Cable Article December 1st. 2012


If you have ever wondered about what Dual Agency is all about and how it might affect you in a Real Estate Transaction this article is for you.




 November 1st. Oceanic Cable Advance Copy Article:

Oahu's High End Market Report September 2012


If you ever wondered what the differences and similarities are between the High End Market ($1,500,000+) and the rest of Oahu's Markets are then this report is for you. Very well detailed analysis of what is really happening in the High End Markets such as Dowsett, Kahala Area, Lanikai, Portlock, Beachside and more.




If ever wondered what all the statistics mean in order to understand the market here in Hawaii this article will help you understand the signifigance of statistics and the method of reporting in my Monthly Real Estate Reporting which are posted on this site for areas all over the Island including a specific Monthly Oahu Report.



The Ins and Outs of Real Estate Reports October 1st Oceanic Cable Article


 At no other time like the present do I see it being more critical for Young Families to choose wisely whether to buy a Home or to rent a Home. Times and circumstances have changed considerably over the past several years whether you are planning on selling your home, buying a home or Renting a home this article immediately below is for you.


 There is No Time like The Present

When one or both of your Parents becomes as old as mine are (if they are lucky) they will not be able to take care of themselves competently or they end up in a Hospital with serious Health issues, it is too late to begin planning for their eventual departure from this Earth. Hopefully this article will provide you with some tips of what to do and not to do when your time comes when your parents are too old to intellectually and physically take care of themselves.



 "The Cross Roads of Real Estate" August 1st. 2012 Oceanic Cable Article



  A New Reality for the Future of Real Estate

            This article breaks on Oceanic Cable: on June 1st. 2012



 Oahu March 2012 1st. Quarter Distressed Property Report


 This Article is very important for those who wish to really know what is going on with the mounting Shadow Inventory of Foreclosures which should hit the U.S. Market this Summer and the effects it will have on the Nation and Hawaii Real Estate Markets. This article breaks on Oceanic Cable's: on May 1st. 2012. You can see it now.



 Oahu's High End Real Estate Report May 2012


 Breaking On Oceanic Cable July 1st. 2012


       A Real Estate Refresher Course for Buyers and Sellers






 Oahu Real Estate-A Year in Review for 2011



 Oceanic Cable Breaking Article January 1st. 2012

                             "Are We Lucky to Live in Hawaii Or Is It All Just Relevent?"







  Mike Gallagher's "Crystal Ball" Predictions for Year 2011




 "What Are The Odds of Selling My Home?"


"Oh The Games Realtors Must Play"



October 2010 Oceanic Cable Artice

For Release October 1st 2010

“Whyyyyyy….Is My Home Not Selling!#G@! Darn it!”



August 2010 Oceanic Cable Article

For Release September 1st. 2010

"Psst...Hey, Do You Know Any Good Deals?"



H.V.C.C. Guidelines For Appraisals

"What a Mess"

"What Ever Happened with Doing the Right Thing?"




I hope you all have enjoyed this report and found it beneficial in your research of Hawaii Real Estate. As always, please remember to check as many resources that you personally trust to properly arrive at an overall evaluation of this subject matter. All buyers and sellers should draw their own conclusions and conduct their own investigations.



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