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 June 2018


Real Estate News June 13th 2018

Real Estate News June 6th 2018


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May 2018

Real Estate News May 10th 2018

Real Estate News May 1st. 2018


 March 2018

Real Estate News March 24th 2018

Hawaii Free Press Caldwell Ties Up Traffice Even More!

Corelogic March Market Report

January 2018

Real Estate News January 6th 2018

Corelogic January 2018 Market Report


 February 2018

Real Estate News February 21 2018

Hawaii Free Press Hawaiian Electric Rates and The Nation


March 2018

Real Estate News March 1st. 2018 

Real Estate News March 11th. 2018


December 2017

Corelogic December 2017 Market Report

My Last Article for Year 2017:

So Where Do You Get The Truth?

Honolulu Board of Realtors M.L.S. Rules


 Throwing Money At Housing Won't Work

Real Estate News December 5th 2017

Hawaii Free Press/ Personal Debt Comparison

Real Estate News December 1st 2017


September 2017

Real Estate News Septmeber 18th 2017

 Real Estate News September 14th 2017

Corelogic Report September 2017



December 2016


 Corelogic December 2016 Report

Real Estate News December 9th 2016

Mortgage Bankers Association Commentary December 2016

M.B.A. Finance Forecast December 2016

So You Want to Live and Work in Hawaii? Then Read the Following So that You Know What You Are Getting Into:

More Amazing News Concerning The Train to No Where

More On Our Amazing State Budget and More Massive Taxes Coming

Hawaii Senate Minority Financial Report 2016

State of the State Pension System 2016

Fewer Police Officers / A Ton More In Salaries 2016

How High Are Capital Gain Taxes In Your State 2016? 



Hawaii is Numba 1 Again! Hawaii Free Press Article








How Dodd-Frank changed housing, for good and bad



3.8M Homes Stand Vacant



Economist: It's Not Easier to Get a Mortgage







Yun: 'Prices Are Rising Just Too Fast'



 Fewer Options for Home Equity Loans


 Mortgage Applications Flat, Rates Stall



Great Links for further research:



 Research & News You Can Use: N.A.R.


For the Latest Reports from the Mortgage Bankers Association


  Hawaii Association of Realtors Great News and ReSearch


  Probably One of the Best Research Sites for Housing on the Web




If you are looking for Hard Core Real Estate News Reports

I suggest the following as it will provide you with Real Insight:



 "What are the Odds of Selling My Home On Oahu?"


   "Oh the Games Real Estate Agents Must Play"


             “Whyyyyyy….Is My Home Not Selling!#G@! Darn it!”


H.V.C.C. Guidelines...What a Mess



"Psst...Do You Know Any Good Deals?"




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